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The Evolution of Rehabilitation

Outpatient Physical Therapy (PT) and rehabilitative therapy are on the rise due to two key demographic and social trends:


  1. Injuries due to millions of Americans staying active longer and the growing interest by people of all ages to embrace a healthier and active lifestyle

  2. Increase in the number of major surgeries required to remain mobile as we age.


Unfortunately for many these trends are driving an increased need for in-home rehabilitative therapy. ThermoCare Plus provides pre-surgical, post-surgical, and post-injury rehabilitative therapy and services.


The Thermo Plus-System is a highly effective therapy that greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional ice-based therapies by providing continuous, recirculating cold therapy at a consistent temperature. The Thermo Plus-System also supplies compression therapy, deep vein thrombosis, DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapy, alternating from hot to cold for better pain management.


ThermoCare Plus, LLC was formed to revolutionize in-home pre-surgical, post-surgical and post-injury rehabilitative therapy by providing healthcare practitioners with an array of innovative rehabilitative compression therapy solutions for their patients. This type of therapy offers patients a greater chance for a successful outcome.

Thermo Plus Wraps 

This highly effective system greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional ice-based therapies.

The Thermo Plus-System delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device.

We offer a superior level of service to physicians as well as specialization and in-home support to their patients.

In this section you will find downloadable PDF’s of all our products. 

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