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Why Choose Us

The ThermoCare Plus Advantage


ThermoCare Plus advantage is based upon a number of differentiators including its specialization in cold, compression and DVT therapy solutions, array of complementary products and superior service offerings. ThermoCare Plus offers a superior level of service, specialization and in-home support to their patients.


The Thermo Plus-System delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device. Solid-state technology eliminates the need for ice, offers precise temperature control for preventing thermal tissue damage and delivers exceptional reliability. The Thermo Plus-System offers highly effective DVT prophylaxis through unique and programmable multiple treatment modalities - combining heating/cooling temperature management with vascular compression.


The Thermo Plus-System difference over convention therapies, includes:


  • Improved Outcomes: When the Thermo Plus-System is used during rehabilitation the patient can expect reduced pain and swelling, improved range of motion and shorter healing time.

  • Superior Safety: The Thermo Plus-System offers consistent temperature control to prevent thermal tissue damage caused by ice. Other therapy systems rely on ice as the primary coolant which increases the risk of thermal tissue damage.


Comprehensive Benefits for Physicians and Patients:


  • For physicians, the process is a simple one-page form that usually takes a few minutes to complete. ThermoCare’s highly trained team of dedicated practitioner care representatives are available to address any questions that may arise. For patients, to make compliance as easy as possible, ThermoCare’s customer care representatives will deliver, set-up, explain and demonstrate the equipment at the surgical center, patient’s home or office. After the initial set-up, representatives are available to address all patient questions, 7 days a week.


  • Insurance Made Easy: ThermoCare contacts the insurance provider on behalf of the patient and handles all the necessary paperwork. Most patients receive this treatment at little or no-cost.


  • Patient Compliance: Compliance can be an issue, but with the Company’s easy to use, portable system, patients are more likely to comply with the regiment prescribed by the physician.

Thermo Plus Wraps 

This highly effective system greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional ice-based therapies.

The Thermo Plus-System delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device.

We offer a superior level of service to physicians as well as specialization and in-home support to their patients.

We offer a superior level of service to physicians as well as specialization and in-home support to their patients.


Management Team


Chris Georghiou, Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Chris Georghiou is the founder of ThermoCare Plus and has over 26 years of experience understanding and supplying clients in various industries with the best products and equipment for their business. Besides being the CEO of ThermoCare Plus, Chris is currently the president and manager of StatMed Plus, LLC. Chris has a successful track record of both identifying market needs and helping physicians offer these services to their patients.


Chris has positioned himself alongside knowledgeable and experienced medical advisors as well as a quality sales force.


Paul Miller, Chief Operating Officer

Paul Miller comes to ThermoCare Plus with over 23 years of Senior Executive experience with a New York based National Bank. Paul's responsibilities included Chief leadership roles in Operations, Finance, Administration, Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management. Paul brings these collective experiences to ThermoCare Plus ensuring the company stays at the forefront of the medical supply industry. Having Paul on ThermoCare Plus’s leadership team guarantees its clients an exceptional customer experience.




Dr. Gianni Persich (Medical Director)

Dr. Persich graduated from New York University undergrad and completed his medical education at the New York College of Podiatric Medicine. He is currently the Associate Chief, Department of Podiatric Surgery at the Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens. He is also a Clinical Instructor, Department of Orthopedics, Mount Sinai School of Medicine. Dr. Persich has authored numerous articles in scientific journals. He has also worked with several orthopedic engineering firms developing cutting edge technology in foot and ankle surgery. He is currently working on several research projects focused on new techniques in foot and ankle surgery. His areas of interest are reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, arthroscopic and microscopic surgery, trauma and wound care. Dr. Persich has done extensive lecturing at conferences, hospitals and universities across the country. Dr. Persich has served in several elected capacities, including Queens County Medical Division, President, Vice-President and Treasurer. He currently serves on the peer review committee for Mount Sinai Queens as well as several outpatient surgical centers. Dr. Persich is also a New York State Trooper PBA Police Surgeon.

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