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The ThermoCare Plus offering includes:

Thermo Plus System

Thermo Plus Creams

Thermo Plus-CPM

Thermo Plus-Wraps


Self-Pay Units

TCP BioCryo System

TCP EasyCare DVT Unit



Thermo Plus System

(Download PDF Brochure)

The Thermo Plus unit is a solid state thermal compression therapy machine. Made in the USA, the small and portable self-contained refrigerated unit with integrated LCD controls provides consistent temperature control for use in both hot and cold therapies. The device works by pumping temperature-controlled water through the wrap worn by the patient in the specific treatment area (shoulder, arm, back/torso, leg, etc.).

Thermo Plus Wraps 

This highly effective system greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional ice-based therapies.

The Thermo Plus-System delivers a totally unique and proprietary thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device.

We offer a superior level of service to physicians as well as specialization and in-home support to their patients.

Thermo Plus System

In this section you will find downloadable PDF’s of all our products. 


The Thermo Plus-System delivers a superior thermal compression therapy solution in one easily transportable device. This highly effective system greatly surpasses the benefits of traditional ice-based therapies by supplying cold therapy at a consistent temperature. The Thermo Plus-System also supplies compression therapy, DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapy. Solid-state technology eliminates the need for ice, offers precise temperature control for preventing thermal tissue damage and delivers exceptional reliability.


When the Thermo Plus-System is used during rehabilitation, the patient can expect reduced pain and swelling, improved range of motion and shorter healing time. Importantly, other therapy systems rely on ice as the primary coolant which increases the risk of thermal tissue damage. The Thermo Plus-System offers consistent temperature control to prevent thermal tissue damage caused by ice. On average, patients experience less pain and swelling when compliant with the Thermo Plus-System therapy, which may also result in a reduced need for pain-relieving medications.


Thermo Plus-Wraps

(Download PDF Brochure)

Thermo Plus-Wraps are used in conjunction with the Thermo Plus-System for optimal pre-surgical, post-surgical and post-injury rehabilitative therapy.


Why choose Thermo Plus-Wraps

- Available for all body parts

- Latex-free

- Single-use wraps

- Will not adhere and therefore can be applied directly to skin


Available wraps:

- Abdomen

- Arm

- Full Arm

- Back

- Breast

- Lower, upper or total cervical

- Elbow

- Foot/ankle

- Face

- Head

- Hip

- Medium, standard and large knee

- Mini

- Medium, standard and large shoulder

- Universal U

- DVT calf

- DVT foot (for knee surgery


Thermo Plus-CPM (Continuous Passive Motion)

(Download PDF Brochure)

CPM, also called continuous passive motion is used to gently flex and extend the joint following surgery. The CPM is prescribed in an effort to begin motion as soon as possible following surgery, and hopefully alleviate the problem of post-operative stiffness. The machine is usable by the patient in a number of orientations including sitting or lying down and, through pre-set range of motion controls, allows for the patient to undergo regulated flexibility exercises. Thermo Plus-CPM is a value added add-on for patients undergoing compression therapy, DVT prophylaxis and contrast therapy. Thermo Plus-CPMs can be used to provide therapy treatments to a patient’s ankle, knee, elbow, shoulder, hand, toe or hip.


Thermo Plus-CPMs are recommended for use on various joints and are designed to:

- Reduce edema

- Minimize joint stiffness

- Prevent soft tissue contractures and muscle atrophy

- Improve range of motion

- Reduce pain

- Reduce surgical adhesion


Thermo Plus-Creams (Patient Specific Compounded Medication)

(Download PDF Brochure)

To support rehabilitation treatments, the Company also has a full-line of prescription-based topical pain relievers. As a topical local pain reliever and reducer of inflammation, Thermo Plus-Creams deliver medication directly to the site of treatment, requiring only a fraction of the dose compared to oral pain medication. Thermo Plus-Cream features specially formulated ingredients such as bupivacaine which lasts longer than the more commonly used tetacaine or lidocaine, providing increased pain relief. All of Thermo Plus-Cream products are packaged in pre-measured dispensing bottles with UV protection to prevent chemical breakdown and can provide enough cream for 3 to 4 weeks of treatment.


Thermo Plus-Cream products include:

  • Thermo Plus-Relief
    Thermo Plus-Relief is a transdermal cream used to treat pain, inflammation and muscle spasms directly at the site of injury. The compounds consist of multiple unique drugs with different modes of action to quickly and effectively relieve the patient’s discomfort. Thermo Plus-Relief is formulated with a proven transdermal delivery system.


  • Thermo Plus-HP Relief
    Thermo Plus-HP Relief is a cream specifically designed to relieve the pain caused by plantar fasciitis. It is formulated with specific drugs intended to help loosen the tight bundle of fascia at or close to the site of the patient’s pain. It is formulated with a proven transdermal base that helps deliver the drugs through the skin to alleviate the pain.


  • Thermo Plus-K Relief
    Thermo Plus-K Relief is a cream that contains ketamine, a drug that is often used trans­dermally to treat neuropathic pain. Thermo Plus-Relief is prescribed in addition to Thermo Plus-Relief or Thermo Plus-HP Relief to help with difficult to treat nerve pain.


  • Thermo Plus-Diminish
    Thermo Plus-Diminish topical creams are specifically designed to help the healing process and diminish scar tissue.



Self-Pay Units


TCP BioCryo System 

Cold and Sequential, Gradient Compression Combined

(Download PDF Brochure)


How does the TCP BioCryo System work?

This state of the art system consists of a sequential circulator and an easy zip-on Biocomfort garment providing sequential, gradient compression and cold therapy to any extremity. Two

extremities can be treated simultaneously. After removing the garment from the freezer, TCP BioCryo System maintains a constant 40ºF skin interface temperature for several hours.

  • Safely administers cold, sequential, gradient compression

  • Delivers deep tissue cold therapy

  • Strategically placed soft, compliant inner ribs ensure consistent, cold therapy throughout

  • Stays cold hours longer than ice or gel

  • Does not expose tissue to extreme temperature

  • Can treat two extremities simultaneously


 TCP BioCryo System GARMENTS 

  • Easy Zip-On Design

  • Lightweight

  • Washable

  • Anti-Microbial


Cold Compression Therapy Garments made of high quality 200 Denier Nylon Oxford coated with 3 mils of Polyurethane. Available in a variety of styles including…

  • ARM





TCP EasyCare DVT Unit

Multi-Flo DVT Combo

Intermittent Pneumatic Compression Device

(Download PDF Brochure)


The TCP EasyCare DVT Unit has been designed to allow patients the freedom to provide DVT Prophylaxis as well as the reduction of acute post-operative edema in the comfort

of their own homes. Made in the USA this devise is small and portable.


Clinical Benefits 

The TCP EasyCare DVT Unit offers three types of therapy:


Bilateral Calf

  • Intended for prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis

Bilateral Foot

  • Intended for prophylaxis of deep vein thrombosis

  • Enhancement of venous and arterial circulation

  • Prevention of venous stasis ulcers

  • Assist in healing of cutaneous ulcers

Post-Operative Edema (Shoulder, Ankle, Knee)

  • Intended to help reduce pain and swelling after surgery

  • Enhances faster healing and tissue regeneration required by the body


DVT Garments

Used in conjunction with the TCP EasyCare Unit, ThermoCare Plus proudly offers high quality DVT garments in a variety of sizes and styles to fit your individual needs. All of the garments listed are Latex Free.



  • Our DVT Calf garment offers full compression around the entire leg

  • Single Patient Use

  • One Size Fits All



  • Our DVT Foot garment provides compression on the entire foot

  • Garment is very flexible and accommodates all foot sizes

  • Easy to clean


Cryo Cold Therapy Garments 

  • Our Cryo Cold Therapy garments for this device can be purchased separately and come in knee, ankle and shoulder sleeves

  • All Cryo Inserts are removable for more efficient freezer storage

  • Custom Cryo Cold Therapy garments are available upon request





ThermoCare Plus


Comprehensive service for physicians

Our process is a simple one-page form that usually takes a few minutes to complete. Our reps will assist with any questions you may have.

Comprehensive service for patients

To make compliance as easy as possible for the patient, our representative will deliver, set-up, explain and demonstrate therapy equipment at the surgical center, patient’s home or office. After the initial set-up, representatives are available to address all patient questions, 7 days a week.

Thermo Plus Wrap
Thermo Plus CPM
Thermo Plus Creams
Self-Managed Units
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